Hungry Soul, a short documentary digital video in two length versions (in 4'55'' and 9'40''), 2006

Hungry Soul (short version, 4'55''): A New Year's resolution of a girl breaks down the wall between her and the viewer, bringing the viewer into the girl's world where we see her juggling with and being juggled by a compulsion – bulimia.

Hungry Soul (long version, 9'40''): from a cure in search of a cure; from a reflection to a confession… This short documentary video offers a view into the life of a girl inside the world of bulimia. She tells her story through a New Year's resolution, accompanied by the thoughts of two older women who also reflect back upon their own succumbing to bulimia as well as their struggle to come out of it.

Selected for the competition section of the first independent film festival in Slovenia, Domžale, 2009

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Army of Me, music video, 2006, 4'18'', received Čižek  2006 award for the "best short digital video of 2006", Slovenia

Army of Me places the classical fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood into the modern day. It emphasizes the psychological perspective of the individual battling with the wolf – one's own destructive self, be this conscious or unconscious to oneself. The wolf is an extension of Little Red Riding Hood. Thus Little Red Riding Hood in the video Amry of Me is  in war with herself. Since the filming of the video took place in Vienna, Austria, I chose to externalize the inner wolf of Little Red Riding Hood as the idea of Nazism – in the German speaking world the resistance to Nazism often depended on the outcome of the individual's struggle with his/her own inner self.

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September, experimental video, 2'54'', 2006

September, video is a dialog between a dreamy girl and a disillusioned guy, each communicating their own unique way of viewing the world around them. Both seem to be unable to find their own place in the world, this forming a dialog of mutual understanding between the two; joining them into a bond. This bond surpasses the words which they exchange between one another; words of being under water, swimming through fleeting memories, contemplating whether to stay under or rise up to the surface for fresh air.

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Circling,experimental, 3'18'', 2009

Circling… in the eyes, in the lips, in the fingers: three stories, within these circling of shadows, fish, stars, "darlings", "home", "emotions are not real", goose bumps, trembling, shivering, water, body, hands caught in marble… These are three different ways of telling a story and at the same time three different stories, told in one way – though zig-zagging they move here and there and nevertheless circle around one and the same words, feelings, images… that all join in circling around poetry, driven by heart's tic tac, passing from real into unreal and back.


Full Power Full Speed, short documentary video, 12'50'', 2007

Full Power Full Speed, was filmed in the Tar desert near Jailsalmer, India, in one continuous shot, with authentic sound, showing on a witty and poetic way the sameness of a human nature despite the clash of culture, social position and limits of language.


Where's my shadow, I wish my shadow, experimental, 6'50'', 2007

Where's my shadow, I wish my shadow shows the parallel between wishing and shadows. We all have wishes like we all have shadows. Both are collective phenomena. They accompany us always, whether we are aware of this or not. Wishing – this is a cross which we carry in life, taking us up and sometimes down, sometimes faster, sometimes slower… It limits our sense of content by being the point defining our distance from the attainment of perfection. Often it makes us blind to see that that, which we believe will bring us content, is already something we have – like our shadow in the fog…

With this video I want to depict what shadows really are by not showing the actual shadow – leaving for the viewer to find this on the wall surrounding the video. The video is placed in a box – a TV on the floor in the corner of the room – the place that is usually inhabited by shadows. By not showing a shadow one is tempted to raise one's eyes from the box to find oneself surrounded by them.


Blanca como arroz – White as rice, 20'18'', 2009

Blanca como arroz – White as rice – playing with the old facsimile of the manuscript of the poet France Prešeren the video deals with the relationship of the poet to his muse. From the unique perspective the video questions the significance of a search for one's image in the life of another person.

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 On the other side of the phone book,

 2010, 3-channel video and sound installation, made specifically for the 9+9 exhibition at the International Centre for Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, (Nov. 22 2010 – Feb. 8, 2011) where I was one of the nine artists invited to reinterpret artists' books from the center's depot. I chose the work of Argentinean artist Andrea Moccia Giurnalia – Poesisa blanda series 2003 as my reinterpretation object. I created three videos and thus a video installation called on the other side of the phone book, with footage I took in Buenos Aires of Parque de Memoria, built just two years ago with about 30.000 names of "the disappeared" – Los Desaparacidos during the dirty war years in Argentina (1976-1983) and in the third video I was brushing/erasing my shadow that looms still to this day over them in the present day Argentina. I combined video with my sound work the missing lullaby.


Names, robbed, 12'50'', 2011

Names, robbed….  Blanco Castilla Marta Susana, Campero Juan Carlos, Delgada Margarita, Escalda Jose Maria, Fernandez Gonzales Juan Alejandro, Garcia Conti Jesus Jose, Hernandez Rodriguez Jorge, Ibalo Antonio Alberto… What can we do with the names of those missing? Forget them? Cut them out? Tear them? Erase them? …Juarez Romero Ernesto Nestor, Kuperman Wolfenson Silvia, La Brunda Fava Jose, Labrador Martin Victor, Mora Vera Juan Carlos, Nadal Diaz Juan Domingo… Engrave them. Underlie them. Replicate them. …Ocampo Perez Aldo Patricio, Puebla Lizzanalde Jose Manuel, Quinteros Traverso Susana Beatriz, Raffo Peruzzo Orlando Luis, Sosa Lopez Ana Maria… Sell them. Exchange them. Deny them. Cover them. Steal them. Burry them. …Topia Rodriguez Enrique Ramon, Udabe Diaz Oscar Arturo… Save them. Save them. …Varga Durate Carlos, Oscar, Zapata Baretto Blanca Josefa, Zito Didino Miguel… Erase them? …Zunino Vales ENzo Rafael, Zupan Poli Enrique Luis… Clean them. Distillate them. Refine them. Change them. Interpret them. ...Blanco Hans Hector Alfredo, Blanco La Bella Oscar Hector… Erase them? Erase them? Erase them? …Blanco Castilla Marta Susana, Campero Juan Carlos, Campo Lucci Leonardo Jorge… Share them. Share them …Di Rosa Ferrari Juan Felix, Diaz Manuel Julio… Erase them? During the Dirty war in Argentina, from the year 1976-1983, 30.000 names were robbed of their bodies, as also happened and still continues to happen in other places around the world.

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