Color photography


Eva Petrič draws on the many possibilities of narrative photography, depicting intense motifs suggested by an overflowing imagination. The haunting visual solutions of her staged self-portraits address gender-specific issues of identity, on which she reflects using selected natural objects. In an engagement of various media, including painting, sculpture, film, video, and literature, she develops her own visual language, which charges photography, that ostensibly objective medium, with layers of subjective meaning. The narrative element finds a variety of auto-poetic visual realizations as material from myths and fairy tales is fused with the authentic experience of her own life in different countries and motifs from her memories. In the associative flow of visual ideas, the individual photographic work appears as a level of reflection that yields a visually concrete sum of ephemeral pictorial ideas.

Martin Suppan, Suppan Contemporary, Vienna, Austria, in Monat Der Fotografie, Wien 2008, Fotohof, p. 108

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