Venus&Juanito series, 2007, mixed media (wax, acryl, wire, nail, wood plank, ballet point shoe)

– Venus&Juanito series is a series of sculptures made of my ballet point shoes from the performance of Giselle. They are painted with acrylic and then covered in wax. Their ribbons have wire thread through them, making them firm. The shoes are placed on a wax covered plank of wood giving rise to the association of a hunting trophy. Below, aiming at the shoe but not touching it is a sharp nail, implying that the relationship between Venus and Juanito that the text on the tongues of the point shoe speaks of, is reminiscent of soft torture.

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– Crown of Thorns and Tears, 2007

– Ambrosia, 2007

– Isonzo's Box of Treasures, 2008

– Glutopia, 2008

– Blue Jay Blues, 2008

– Attitude of Chemistry, 2007

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