My published texts (selected)


– feature stories for Avenue X, magazine of the UNIS, NYC 2002;

articles and feature stories from Vienna for the national daily paper Delo, Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2005 – 2007 on topics of psychology and art;

              an essay on  "Brazilian fear"  in a monthly literary magazine Ampak, Ljubljana, Slovenia, February 2006;

              an essay Forged vision, Ljubljana Magazine, Sept. 2007.

              Photos and articles on art exhibitions in Vienna, Austria, in a weekly magazine Jana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2008.



Dieser Raum ist Eine Schachtel – the German translation of This Space is a Box , Drava Verlag,  2009, illustrated with her black and white phtographs.

Ta prostor je škatla, illustrated with her black and white photographs, Drava Verlag, Austria, 2007;

– a poem in the Anthology for young Americans, 1995;

– a selection of poems translated into Hungarian, in Pannon Tükor, 2010/1, p. 35 – 36:

Kravja bolezen, a poem published in  Književni listi, Delo. 19.5.2010,

Gr@y matter- the language of shadows, a poem in Luce/ombre, Light/Shadows, Ed. Gabriella Valera Gruber, Ibiskos Editrice Risolo, 2010 Firenze, p 95-96;

Glutopia, a poem and a photograph, published in  Miradas y voces jovenes sobre Europa (Sguardi e voci giovani sull'Europa) , Peliti Associati, Rim, Italija, 2010, p. 110 – 113, 134 .



Vsi so jedli suši, novel, Didakta,  Radovljica, Slovenia 2009

They All Ate Sushi, Didakta, Radovljica, Slovenia, 2009, in English, nominated for the 2011 International IMPAC Dublin literary award:

  Škatla brez kože, lebdeča, a novel,  Mohorjeva, Austria/Slovenia, 2009;

Caja sun piel, flotando, Ediciones B, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011

Svi jedeta suši, Vermilion, Skopje, Macedonia, 2011

Und alle assen Sushi, Drava, Celovec, Austria, 2011


Full feature movie scripts:

Your Head is Full of Butterflies (received grant for its development in 2006 by The Film Foundation of Republic of Slovenia);

A Box Without Skin, Floating;

 Repeatedly Tricky; 

Velvetine@Peregrino (received grant for its development in 2006 by The Film Foundation


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