Personal Universes, my art intervention for the NYC fashion week at the BG in New York

PERSONAL UNiVERSEs – my art intervention for New York Fashion Week at the Bergdorf Goodman’s 5th Avenue windows (at 58th str) – on dispaly now and to extend beyond the fashion week all the way to March 8. Cordially invited to glimpse into my, your PERSONAL UNiVERSEs.


Personal UNiVERSEs stems from my body of lace assemblages of HEMATOMA series where I took images of my skin in various conditions as a source of inspiration (also in a state of a hematoma), my installation first presented at Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as HEMA- TOMA. This body of work then evolved further to encompass the expo level of stellar and outer space formations, inspired by imagery of NASA and ESA, presented as IN- between – SPACE, site-specific installation at the the Museum of modern art of Carinthia, Klagenfurt, Austria. Last but not least, I was interested to extend this body of work also into each and every one of us that is in our bodies, into its cellular and nano level, unique in every aspect.
Fascinated from the mirroring of the expo level of outer space in the nano level of cellular and subatomic structures I became interested to look at our skin as being the membrane separating the nano – cellular universe from the stellar star expo universe, making our skins so to say IN- between- Spaces.
Photo Robi Poredoš. STA

This led to my wish to make an artistic intervention in the place where our skin is of uttermost importance, being the canvas upon which we place our clothes.and Bergdorf&Goodman in New York City seemed the best place for this;
Photo Robi Poredoš. STA

to introduce the idea that our skin is so much more then just a color and persistent dairy of our lives.
Instead, I see our skin as a reflection of the cosmos above,
a canvas for unique universes from up above and beyond reflected inside of our skins,
making us thus timeless and without borders –
questioning where does “I” end and where does “you” begin and where does “I” begin and where does “you” end?
 personal UNiVERSEs 

My skin, my membrane.  22 collars, six generations, 1352 napkins, 86 pillows, 265 souvenirs, thousands of hours tying and untying knots and loops, miles of thread, traces of names, memories, voices, sounds, emotions… 

My skin, your skin, is so much more then just the membrane separating me from you, expanding and contracting in a constant rhythm of the loving game of inhale – exhale, waving through the intracellular to interstellar space.

My skin, your skin is trans-generational, contracting and expanding from nano to expo level, containing not only veins of hope, happiness, love, softness of its touch. but also veins of disappointments, grieving, agony, anger. exploding where they should not, their Big Bang resulting in hematomas.

My skin, your skin, is so much more then our 2nd skin – the clothes, covering my skin, your skin, enabling us protection against harsh environmental conditions, UV light, insect bites etc. being extensions of our persona, obliging of certain social standards, provocation of norms.My skin, your skin underneath this 2nd skin, the clothes, cover our bodies, housing our organs, full of cells, forming their own universes – an extension of the uniqueness and timelessness of our collective universe up above us, reflected also on the cellular level inside our cells, inside our organs, underneath our skin.

We are not just our skin – and our skin is so much more then us; we are not just personality, chaos, physical beauty, mind, emotions, clothes.. all of these things represent us just for a small period of time, they are always changing- moving- jumping- tricking.but they are not us.WE ARE UNiVERSES, each one of us a Personal Universe, existing parallel to our common universe.

Eva Petric
Photo Robi Poredoš, STA
 My PERSONAL UNiVERSEs will occupy the Berdorf Goodman windows on New York’s 5 th Avenue/58th str. till March 8, the international day of women.
Cordially invited to glimpse into them and maybe find the way to your own personal universe.

My sincere thanks to Bergdorf Goodman team to let me occupy their windows for so long, and to Robi Poredoš from STA whose photos I included here.

Komentiranje je zaprto.