My secession sirens in ArtVitraria Musem in Venice

My Secession sirens at the VItraria Glass+A Museum (Palazzo Nani Moncenigo) in Venice till Jan. 25, 2015



If you happen to be in Venice these days, next weeks or months, cordially invited to visit my Secession Sirens, which are residing at the 2nd floor of the new museum Vitraria, Glass+A, at the Palazzo Nani Moncenigo, Dorsudoro 960, Venice.


They have been placed there, among the art works of 37 other outstanding artists from all over the world, creating with glass, by Ewald Stastny, the director of the museum and the former artistic director of the Italian Pavillion at the Venice Biennale of Art last year.


The artists participating at this first exhibition of the new museum are AES+F, Anais Albar, Ville Andersson, Maria Anwander, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Pilar Cavestany, Oliver Czarnetta, Fabio Fornasier, Romina Gonzalez and Edison Zapata, Liu Guangyun, Riccardo Guarneri, Yves Hayat, Dominique Issermann, Constantin Luser, Rachel Morellet, Steven Morgana, Sofia Olmeda, Tanja Pak, Eva Petric, Bianca Regl, Bruno Romanelli, Mimmo Roselli, Phoebe Rudomino, Pinuccio Sciola, Sean Scully, Frank Stella, Una Szeemann and Bohdan Stehlik, Elena Tagliapietra, Morgane Tschiember, Dewain Valentine, Bill Viola, Luciano Vistosi (1931 – 2010), Karl Weibl, Robert Wilson, Kimiko Yoshida,Toni Zuccheri (1936 – 2008).


Cordially invited to see

27.09.2014 – 25.01.2015

Curated by Artistic Director Ewald Stastny


VITRARIA is a platform to get in touch with the world of glass as a source of art.

VITRARIA GLASS +A MUSEUM explores the different branches in which glass presents itself: from its first traditional use via its artistic perception to the latest developments in the field of technology. Our vision is to represent glass in the entity of its nature.

GLASS +A approaches the world of glass from a holistic perspective.

The exhibition builds bridges between past and present, exploring key characteristics that relate to the concept of glass: FRAGILITY, TRANSPARENCY, LIQUIDITY and TRANSFORMABILITY.

Glass is taken as a metaphor to build a narrative within the museum, connecting different artists and periods.

We invite you to find your own path of inspiration and to experience glass, even in unexpected forms.


The museum is located close to the Academia and the Grand Canal. The adress is:
Palazzo Nani Mocenigo
Dorsoduro 960
30123 Venice

With best regards,





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