In the state of fractals: past=present=future.EMOlju-bljaNA


Past=present=future. Cordially invited into the past with a hint of future – at the finissage of my site specific installation EMOlju-bljaNA at the  Lj. Castle, this Wednesday, 3. December at 17.00.

How many births, weddings, inheritances separate us from the Emona inhabitants? Cordially invited into the guided tour at my  EMOlju-bljaNA, multimedia site-specific installation, scattered into fractals, with its curator Aleksander Bassin and myself at the Kazemate at  Lj. Castle (and after the last tour – since this will be its FINISSAGE – to also stop at the Caffee) , onWednesday, Dec. 3, at 17. hour.


Eva Petrič, star pulsating, Gr@y matter series,  © 2014 Eva Petrič, Bildrecht, 

Into how many fractals must the present city of Ljubljana be scattered into so that we can glue those fractals together in a puzzle-like way to reflect what is seen on the pasted jug from Emona? into fractals:

past = present = future

Can we remove the present from the past?

Into how many fractals should the present explode to coexist with the past?
Privilege of fractals on  46°3′N 14°30′E , videostillMy sincere thanks to Laibach for enabling me to search for the answer in their Le Privilege des Morts. With their permission I shattered it into myprivilege of fractalsThanks also to the City  museum of Ljubljana for allowing me to use excerpts from the video on the restauration of an antique jug.
Privilege of fractals on  46°3′N 14°30′E , videostill
From the text of the curator Aleksander Bassin on my reflextion on the 2000-years anniversary of the establishement of Emona: 

The spatial installation of the trans-disciplinary artist Eva Petrič in the dungeons of Ljubljana castle marks the anniversary of the two thousand years of Emona. Through its multilayered visual and audio context it exhibits the following aspects; it is without doubt the most original modern artistic interpretation in the Slovenian capital which is connected to this historical jubilee. The video projection on a screen is accompanied with special light effects of scintillating illumination on transparent acrylic plates which enhance the photography that simulates the Milky way* in an imaginary skies. It leads us through the preserved archaeological remains of the historic Emona accompanied by the sounds of cracking and breaking of clay pottery and of its reassembling and pasting it together again in the museum’s restoration workshop.

My video reflexion of my installation (with great help of Ivan Klarič and Valentin Čertov) at the link below:



At the same moment when my EMOlju-bljaNA at the Ljubljana’s Castle will drown into darkness, below the castle hill, at the Prešeren’s square, my STEM CELL will come into light at the wall behind the Prešeren’s statue. In the frame of this year’s Ljubljana’s City Festive Lights it will shine into the future, till the first days of January.

Cordially invited to the Finissage at the top of the castle hill and to the Vernissage below, this Wednesday!



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