IN-between-SPACE at the Burgkapelle of the Museum for Contemporary Art Carinthia

Many thanks

to all of you who joined me yesterday at the opening of my installation IN-between-SPACE at the Burgkapelle of the Museum for Contemporary Art Carinthia

A view into the IN-between-SPACE that I created at the Museum Chapel

for all who managed to come and for all those for whom Klagenfurt is too far:

Unfortunately these images do not convey the essential part of my IN-between-SPACE, the Interstellar Lullaby.
You can listen to the begining part of it in my interview that was aired on Slovene national radio last week:

more about at:

All photos above by Ferdinand Neumueller, c Bildrecht; Wien, 2014

Below are some of my photos from the preparation:

I am happy to tell that the publishing house Triton in cooperation with the Museum produced the CD with my installation sound. It is available at the Museum store and at the Triton web site:

From the review of Thomas Miessgang:

In-between-Space refers to a particular dimension, with an extension that expands between outer space and the mystique of the inner mind; between the hot and the cold existential zones; between earth-grounded existence and connectedness; and to the subjectively felt self-loss in the vastness of the universe: “Ground Control to Major Tom…”

In-between-Space deals with musical and electro-acoustic means, and engages in a dialectic of ontological stability and transcendental homelessness. The multilateral sound-pool addresses the always precarious relationship between man and machine, the conflict between the relentlessness imposed by computer algorithms and the vulnerability of the human voice….

And in my words:

Where do I begin and you end? And where do you end and where do I begin?  If a part of my body is transplanted into another body after I die, do I really die or does my life continue? And when I think and my thoughts flow freely, does this mean that I move beyond my body, my existence expanding? Where does consciousness take form when our body is no more? What is the role of consciousness when it no longer has a body within which to take form? Is this the IN-between.SPACE, full of the disappeared. Every single conscience resides there – to guide our body. It is our shadow felt as our emotion, encoded in our voice.

                                                     Eva Petrič


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