9 of my art works at Maraveecorpus, XIII edition, Castello di Susans,Majano, Italy, from 31.10. to 1.12.2014

Sabrina Zannieri, the director and curator of Maraveecorpus, included into the  XIII Edition this year at the Castello di Susans, Majano, Italy, also nine of my art performative photographs. From Oct. 31. till Nov. 30. novembra they will be a part of the two exhibitions, Il corpe abitato andNudo ma non crudo, 



Sabrina Zannieri, the curator and the director of the visual and performance art

project Maraveecorpus, included into its  XIII Edition this year at the Castello di

Susans, Majano, Italy, also 9 of my art photographs, in two exhibitions, Il corpe

abitato in Nudo ma non crudo, from Oct. 31 till Nov. 30. Cordially invited,

Best regards,
Below is one of my photographs at the exhibitions which has been chosen by the curator Sabrina Zannieri as the tittle page of this year’s programme booklet:, Money transforms into a rose but thorns prick her…


Eva Petrič © Bildrecht 2014


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