Missing Lost Lullaby

My installation at the occasion of 100 birthday of Richard Wagner in Vienna last summer autumn:

Science has revealed that sound remains the longest in our memory – and it is therefore the first did we feel already in womb, in the prenatal state. My installation Missing Lullaby Lost for 200 anniversary of Richard Wagner’s birth explores this primordial sound, the primordial feeling did can change the primordial space – the womb, into a hematoma, into a leaking of emotions and shadows Caused by sound vibrations.

Richard Wagner, my shadows, primordial sound and Missing Lullaby Lost, echoe among the long gone codes of telegrams at the old Austro telegraph office in Vienna, among the works of other contemporary outstanding Austrian artists, at Wagner Watch, July 17 to Sept. 1st Cordially invited. Eva Petrič

Missing-my-Lost-Lullaby-01Missing my Lost Lullaby









Missing Lost Lullaby
Eva PETRICS installation that extends through the accompanying sound in a more than expansive dimension, based on the hematoma as a mediator. If the Commercial injured, blood comes out of a vessel. Hematomas are outside as in the body, partly in their behavior similar to the shadow. As these emotions are intangible, that is, intangible. As the shadow of the language they show up in intonation, in this form are already prenatally perceptible. They crowd in us, in the individual, the Trans channels in the surface of the hematoma. This work explores how the language sounds in their naked emotion. This is made possible by a network of lace; an opening to the uterus and is an entry level. Welcome to a prenatal room. How do these memories feel like?
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kk Telegraph Office
Exchange 1, 1010 Vienna

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