The Spiral Shape: Succession of the secession siren, Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria 2011

The Spiral Shape: the Succession of the Secession Siren

Spiral shhhhhaped shapes shaping shading shaded shades of shivered shivers shivering shhhhing shhh's shhhed signals signaled signaling singing sung songs slipping sipping serving subtracting sacrificing – Sirens sharing sincere spiralsSirens infecting melodies Sirens sharing sirenistic songs

Secession Siren is neither on the inside or on the outside of the window – it is the window, the window of the KUenstlerhaus Sirenium, where the different worlds ripple one through the other, one over the other, pushing, pulling, spreading, squeezing, luring and rejecting. Being the observer and the observed, the Secession Siren is the idea of Feminine sprouting-spreading-symptomizing-surviving-sinking-submerging-surpassing-supplying-sharing-spiraling…

The Secession Siren is not an ornament nor is it a woman, nor is it a man, instead, it is the Muse.

The Muse? Oh the Muse, the Muse, what is the Muse? The Secession Era has exponented it by curves – it has become associated with femininity and the woman, blurring the line between what is woman and what is Muse, placing the Muse under the ultimatum of being feminine. The woman finds herself in an aquarium where she, in the role of the gold fish, is the desired because of her femininity expected to surface out of the water on a shell and exist in the role of the Muse… But this is a mission gone wrong! For the Muse is independent of gender – it is out of it/beyond it.

The Muse is hungry for its body; the poet… it feeds on the WO- in woMAN, tempting sailors and likewise little girls to undo the locks, notches and zippers of their bodies and let the Muse inhabit them with its sweet bla-bla-blas echoing in high pitched A-tonal melodies from spiral shaped shells. The Muse is hungry… it is, in other words, the Secession Siren hunting for its prey – the listener, for you.

A hundred years from the birth of the Secession Era frustration echoes from woman unable to attain the defined representation of what it is to be the Muse. The woman is expected to deliver the Muse, the Secession Siren, at all times in a constant mode. But this is impossible. The Muse, the Secession Siren, is slippery, spiraling swimming side-ways, appearing, disappearing then again reappearing. The Secession SIren is like a gas, filling the space to its limit and then just as quickly evaporating in entirety from it. The Secession SIren is searching for a way to spread even beyond it to further infect, just as ornaments infect the buildings of the Viennese secession era – an inspiration for this series.

On today's Kuenstlerhaus Kino, the Secession Sirens lure and deceive just as the Cinema does with its films, luring us, hooking onto our emotions, pulling us into the Secession Siren Sirenium.  We, the hungry ones for sensations, pilgirmage to the Cinema, the KH Kino, allowing ourselves to be lured into a world of fiction and fantasy. Here, the line between what is dream and what is reality becomes a blur, taking on the form of the Spiral Shape…

Here now at the window of the Kuenstlerhaus Sirenium the Spiral Shape turns into a question mark – the question emerges: what will be the succession of the Secession Siren?

Eva Petrič

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