One size fits all, Cultural Information Center KIC Skopje, Macedonia, 2011


“one size fits all”, Cultural Information Centre KIC, Skopje, Macedonia 2011

Between Laura and the anonymous man, between Jana and Lovro, between Diana and Juan, between Sara and Juan Cruz—

One size fits all is composed of composites from my project Shadows & Puppets – language of E@motion REacting, this is, different color fine art prints with black and white shadow analog photographs superimposed onto them, creating in this way visual aphorisms, where shadows act as catalyst for emotions, pulling them out of the clichés beneath the shadows and hooking viewers’ eyes to them.

“one size fits all” questions the expiration date of love, present in all three stories of my just published book They all ate sushi by the publishing house Vermillion in Skopje. In other words, the images question from a different perspective the amount of idealism present in the three different love stories. Is this because of the different amount of the idealism in people’s attitude? The images together form a constellation where each image can be seen as is its own story or simply as one part of the story of the entire constellation – all being star crossed lovers.

“one size fits all” is mirrored by the projection  Incubating idealism that resulted from my public intervention at the Slovene national newspaper Delo, searching for idealistic contents of daily news, which offers  a view into  the presence or absence of idealism as an everyday phenomena.


                                                                                                                     Eva Petrič

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