Angel, dissected, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011

Installation in public space of Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 4 – September 1, 2011


Angel dissected, 2011, an installation of black and white analog photographs of shadows from the Gr@y Matter-language of shadows book of the artist, mounted on transparent acrylic glass plates (11), in sizes 104 x 100 cm,110 x 72 cm, and 102 x 82 cm, hung from the ceiling into the space of  Salla 11 of the Centro Cultural Borges at different lengths in a labyrinth configuration that allows people to walk through it.

Periodic table of shadowed emotions, 2009, collage of black and white analog photographs from the Gr@y Matter-language of shadows book of the artist, manipulated in the dark room, visualizing emotions arranged in eleven groups of emotions, cross sectioned by the different hours of the day, computer print on fine art paper, 90 cm x 140 cm. Ed. 1/5. 

Hearing aid, 2011, object with sound Residue, 2011, on a loop.


Exhibition statement:

Angel dissected

Do Angels dwell among us, walk among us, listen to us? Do we dwell among Angels, walk amongst them, listen to them? Who are the contemporary Angels, what are they? What do they look like? Is the contemporary Angel in need of wings? Could simply its reflection, a shadow, a stain suffice?  If we were to look at mathematics for the answer to offer us the most objective representation of the contemporary Angel, then what could be the mathematical formula of it? Can we create it using the formula of my periodic table of shadowed emotions?

The 21st century Angel does not have wings – instead it is a metaphor for empathy, the ability to flow in the current of contemporary space. Angels are reflections of our emotions expressed as shadows, staining us. We are stains, stained by emotions, making us markers of impulses that move through us. .

Borges did not see stains, but he did see shadows and heard echoes. Could he hear angels? Are we able to hear 21st century Angel? 21st century Angel is an echo; a stain, available to everyone, it is a collection of residues whispering, murmuring, vibrating, luring 21st century angel to protect, shelter, defend… yes,yes,yes, 21st century angel protects…. Lured by echoes – to merge with shadows is to search for the same Exit in the current of stains, shadows of the shadow – desires for empathy.

 We are shadows shadowed by the 21st century Angel shadowing other bodies that come into our parameter, staining them. We are stains, stained by Angel staining our bodies, marking them. We are markers, marked by Angel in us, marking our bodies as stains, reflecting our bodies as shadows, these reflections felt as yearning for empathy, expressed as desire to become an echo; a stain of  the 21st century Angel.

Buenos Aires – Centro Cultural Borges at the junction with Galleria Pacificos shopping centre is the first landing of this acrylic glass cut out contemporary Angel on its way to lure people to it – the Maxi Market shopping centre  in Ljubljana, Slovenia, will be the next, followed by the UN Palace in Geneva, Switzerland.

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