9+9, International Centre for Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2010-11

On the other side of  the phone book, 2010, 3-channel video and sound installation, made specially for the 9+9 exhibition at the international Centre for Graphic art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Nov. 22 2010 – Feb. 8 2011 – where I was one of the nine artists invited to reinterpret artists' books from the center's depot. I chose the work of Argentinean artist Andrea Moccia Giurnalia – Poesia blanda series, 2003, as my reinterpretation object. I created three videos and thus a video installation called On the other side of the phone book, with footage I took in Buenos Aires of Parque de Memoria, built just two years ago with about 30.000 names of "the disappeared"- Los Desaparecidos during the dirty war years in Argentina (1976-1983). Artist's book of Andrea Moccia reminded me of a brush. In reality her book is a cut off telephone book from Buenos Aires dated 2003 (the year that the amnesty was annulled and when people could first speak in public about what happened between the years 1976 – 1983. In one video I am brushing/erasing my shadow that looms still to this day over them in present day Argentina. Besides my video I also made a sound reinterpretation of Andrea Moccia's book which is me saying all the names of the disappeared – Los Desaparecidos, that are being projected on the wall opposite of the headphones with my voice and exhibited artist's book, singing them in the form of a lullaby.

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