Shadow of the shadow, Slovene science institute, Vienna, Austria, 2008

Slowenisches Wissenschaftsinstitut in Wien

Seilerstaette 2, 1010 Wien

Monat der Fotografie, November 2008, Wien


Eva Petrič: Shadow of the shadow


Eva Petrič's Shadow of the shadow cycle deals with the relationship between the existence and the lack of colors. This the author shows through the relationship of the body and its shadow, the relationship between our conscious will and unconscious being, personified in the role of an angelhound alias the shadow of the shadow. "We all carry in us one thousand and one roles, but these all come together in one, in the role of an angelhound: we are like a dog that guards but also hunts… we are torn between the role of an angel and a hound, towards ourselves and towards others, torn between light and dark…carrying the shadow of the shadow within us," explains the author in her statement. She continues:

        "In my work I engage myself with the search for reality in its rawest form, thus I turn to color: to the lack of color – black and white, and to the presence of color – to yellow, green, red, blue, orange… Since I strive to apply my understandings to the human race, I rely on the form of the figure – and to give and to not give more credit to the presence of color or a lack of it, to form or a lack of form, I turn to the shadow and the body. By dealing with both separately I want to show that both are a world of their own. They can exist independently and must also be acknowledged and observed as such to be appreciated for what they are. Yet I see it of utmost importance to show both of these: presence of color through the form of a body, and lack of color through the form of a shadow, joined. This, I feel, is presented by my combination of plexi glass shadow pieces with color photographs, showing that both, lack of color and presence of color, can coexist – that black and white and color photography can exist and breath side by side in rhythm to lack of color and presence of color, as shadow and body do in the everyday bipolar reality."

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