Shadow – jumping, moving, tricking… St. Cyril, New York, USA, June 2007

Eva Petrič: The Shadow – jumping, moving, tricking…

(on the walls of the St. Cyril's Hall, New York, June 1, 2007)


In the beginning there was…

a black tone

jumping moving tricking,

always changing,

slick and sly

in all-ways adjustable

always changeable

with temper and textures smells syllables sounds and voices

zig zag zaging

in rhythm to the tic tac tacing

of options

appearing disappearing then again reappearing

in arms hands fingers

curving tightening extending circling encircling

inside a game, a loving game

with verbs with symbols, elegant double binds and centuries,

a unique map 

to once upon a times nows and forever afters

waiting watching


my feet – too small to run away from u-

my dirt

your dirt

don't hide,

I'll know if you are hiding,

stay with me shelter me

without make-up without perfume

are you my shadow?

where is my shadow?

different language

different look

same dirt

share with me

don't hide

share with me

don't fight

share with me…


To reach the end of the road

we need the same light.


             For me, my work is about finding a balance, the space within the defined and the undefined, the obvious and the hidden, the body and its shadow. I exploit the light outside the dark room to free the body from its shadow and I use the light inside the dark room to free the shadow from its body… Out from the dark comes a unique piece, a shadow with a life and reality of its own.

          The shadow has always fascinated me. It is repeatedly tricky, always in all-ways adjustable, changeable, disappearing yet always reappearing, It is the part of the everyday that is often taken for granted and thus quickly overlooked. However, the power of the shadow is great: it encompasses in itself everything that exists. Every being and every object has its own shadow. We exist in particular bodies, yet we belong to the community of shadows.

         I see the shadow thus as the collective – the visual collective unconscious. This is probably why I gather so much from exploring the relationship with my shadow. It reveals to me the visual esthetics that guides my work. For me, the body itself is too sincere in conveying the passing of time on itself – thus it is much easier to watch its shadow that is immune to the passing of time and to find the esthetics in it.

           Yet I want to show as well the body confronting its shadow – the tension arising from its confrontation with the shadow, in other words, with itself – its unknown part. Upon confrontation I believe there must be an explosion – a seeing of more reality then was once believed to exist.



Eva Petrič

(Solo exhibition at St. Cyril's Hall,  62 St. Mark's Place, New York, NY 1003, June 1 – June 15, 2007)






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