An echo, a stain, Festival hall and St. Mary’s Church on Bled Island, Bled, Slovenia, 2007

        Eva Petrič: An Echo – A Stain  (From the Festival Hall, through the eye, onto the lake's water to the island)

Exhibition at Bled in the frame of Festival Bled , June 26 – July 11, 2007


        How does music look like? Like musical notes, like dance, like tango, black tango – ragtime, jazz…. Piazzolla's tango, Joplin's ragtime, Ellington's jazz…my shadows. Piazzolla, Joplin and Ellington completed themselves with music, me, I complete myself with shadows. Was their shadow their music? Always changing, and in all-ways adjustable, always moving – tango? Did they loose or find themselves in it? How did it appear to them?

         They created a musical image by moving musical notes, me, I try to create the image of music by moving my snapshots. I take one to the dark room and let the light move over it – out comes a new image, similarly as the new tune came out from under their fingers moving across piano, bandoneon and saxophone. My images of shadows seem to me to be the visual images of their musical notes. They would probably hear them as notes that sing tango, ragtime, jazz. If I search for myself in music, I see musical notes as images of shadows, dancing tango. But I would also like to hear them. One must hear tango, not only see it. How can an image be heard? Like a shadow?


        Alongside of the exhibition in the foyer of the Festival Hall some of the works of Eva Petriè will be exhibited in the church on the Island and projected on its ceiling.


       "To search for the sacred in the profane challenges me. I catch the profane into my camera and in the dark room my use of light makes possible for the sacred in it to move into full view  – the outcome are my 'photo-frescoes'. I want to pull them from the sterile environment of an exhibition space out into the natural environment – onto the lake's waters, the art of nature, and into the church on the isliand – the spiritual space and as such standing as an art piece already by itself.  I wonder if my photo-frescoes are as "loud" there as they are within the neutrality of the exhibition space. Will they withstand the test of their confrontation with the power of nature and the power of tradition and spirituality? Will they, I hope, maybe even enhance them?"


Eva Petrič





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